Roller Coasters and Tornados: A Day in the Life of Me


Blog introductions seem so odd, I picture myself holding a big sign for the world to read “Here I am, like me….please.” And if that picture doesn’t truly scare you, I have 4 toddlers hanging off of my limbs and neither my hair or teeth have been brushed in what seems like weeks. Too honest? I hope not. 
My name is Serena. My husband Zach is my right hand and the writer in our family. I feel that is important to note. Another vulnerability ,if that big sign wasn’t enough, I stink at grammar. I wish I could go back to the 9th grade and take SOME things more seriously. Things like English class. Sorry Mrs. Bunch, I wasn’t all. Zach and I have 4 kids. Our oldest two are biological and our youngest two are foster. That makes 4 babies 5 and under. Each day is like riding a roller coaster then suddenly being hit by a tornado. You aren’t really sure what you are doing but you hope everyone makes it out alive. In the midst of raising babies my husband works full time and I juggle my day job along with a fun new adventure, Iris Design. If you stumbled upon this blog, I say welcome home. Iris is this beautiful vision in my heart. This balance of family, home, design, creativity, and personal dreams.
I remember being handed my daughter after hours and hours of laboring. I remember looking at her and my first thought being, “this is so odd”…(wait, I meant to go with my second thought.) My second thought was,”how am I supposed to do this?” Funny thing is..we managed and she is one of the most beautiful things I have seen. She inspires and loves deeper than anyone I have ever met. I remember receiving the call for our first foster placement and thinking similar things. How am I going to love someone I have never met? How am I going to say hello? How will I (if I have too) say goodbye?  Then I met her and everything was so natural. She is also one of the most beautiful things I have ever laid my eyes on. She has stolen my heart for sure. These children of mine have taught me so much. They have taught me that saying yes to love is a non-negotiable. They have taught me that just beyond our deepest fear lies the opportunity for our greatest advancement. Iris is that “just beyond” place for me. It is the uncharted territory of my heart. It is that terrifying journey of laying down insecurity and picking up your “Here I am world” sign. 
My hope is to invite readers to join me on this wild ride. I will share glimpses of mothering, wife-ing, diy projects, and home design. My hope is that we all will feel inspired to create the most beautiful life with the things we have already been given.
Welcome to Iris Design.