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Homes come in a variety of sizes and styles and because of that all staging needs are different. We work to individualize each project and provide our clients with a quality service at their achievable price point. In order to best assist you please look at the listed service options and call us with all questions.

For the client who wants to do the work, we work alongside of you to provide assistance in the staging process. Our full package includes the following, but is modifiable for budget purposes. 
A) An initial property walk through and consultation. We provide a staging plan that suggests changes to help prepare the property to sell for top dollar. These changes will include things like furniture placement, decorative accessories needed, and can include paint color suggestions. 
B) Once a plan has been established we are available to assist the client in shopping for items to enhance the staged space. These items are purchased within the client’s budget and are the clients to keep. This is a wonderful opportunity to invest in items that will follow you to your new space.
C) Final walk through to tweak and manicure the staged property. Perfect opportunity to finalize the space before a scheduled open house. 
Full service staging provides realtors, homeowners, and investors with the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the staging process. Our goal is to provide our clients with a top quality services that allows the staged property to sell at top dollar. We do this by streamlining the staging process and making the needs of our client the top priority. Our full package includes the follow, but is modifiable for budget purposes.

A) An initial property walk through and consultation. The goal is to develop the needs of the client and provide a recommended plan of staging that meets those needs. 


B) Once a plan has been established we schedule staging day for the property. A full furniture stage includes master bedroom, living room, dining room with accents in kitchen and master bathroom. Partial furniture staging allows for use of the client’s items along with those belonging to Iris. 


C) We cover the transportation, install, and removal of all staged Iris furniture and all contract lengths are adjustable depending on the client need.

An open house package is a creative way to prepare your listed property. This is a great option for clients with an occupied property and a limited budget. Accessories and snacks are brought the day of a scheduled open house to refresh the showcased property. These accessories range from fresh flowers and mirrors to large scale art and rugs. This is simply once-over refresh to showcase the best features before the property is open to the public. Once the open house is finished, items will be properly removed. 
Note: This is not available for properties with smoking or properties with pets that will be indoors. 








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